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Lindsey Ketchum

Nemo Vista Elementary
Library/Media Specialist
Morrilton, Arkansas
I have been an LMS for 8 years now, and love the diversity of my job. I just love my job period!! Every day is different and I love that I can wear so many hats! I like to be efficient and I love to multitask. Enriching the lives of my students and peers is important to me, so I love to share...not out of boastfulness!! I just know that some of my best ideas, projects, and plans were developed with the help and ideas from others! I love to connect and crowd-source for all things big and small! I believe in collecting experiences of your own and collecting the experiences of everyone we love. I believe in research and facts, and that figuring out the world using common sense, compassion, and truthfulness is something we have to help our students get through. Parent and community engagement is important to me. I am the district facilitator for this. I truly want to help increase positive perception that parents typically have of the school system, and I want find ways to be actually engaged in family and community involvement.