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Moser Corporation

In 1950, Moser began its commitment to education by manufacturing classroom desks. Throughout the years, Moser expanded its devotion to education and business.

Today, Moser is still locally family owned and operated. We offer 25,000 square feet of office supplies and office furniture from the best furniture manufactures in the U.S., including our own. Moser produces the highest quality commercial and school furniture right here in our 50,000 square feet of modern, industrial manufacturing space. Any yes, Moser still offers teachers, educators and parents an expansive line of educational resources and furniture.

For over 60 years, Moser has taken leaders from the beginning of their school career to their business career. 

  • High Quality Office Furniture for Home Office, Small Business & Large s

  • Professional Office Design

  • Educational Furniture for K-12, Colleges and Universities – Classrooms and Libraries

  • 25,000 Sq. Ft. of Office Furniture & Supplies

  • Office Supply Online Ordering

  • Moser Manufactures Custom Educational and Commercial Furniture

  • School Supplies for Students & Teachers

  • Locally Family Owned & Operated Since 1950